The Plot

I’m new to Nashville.  I’ve discovered there are a lot of cars here.

Red cars, big cars, truck cars, too many cars. I often jog across the street to avoid the alarming Tennessee trend of gunning red lights.  I always make it, thankfully, but I keep arriving at the realization that this small-town Midwesterner isn’t used to anything but space.  I need some of my own in Music City, without the pavement. Preferably something that grows food and leaks green.

Welcome to Post One, The Plot.

I am a third-generation gardener with a latent green thumb.  My Grandma JJ started her garden in 1968 and raised 9 children on a bed of vegetables and strawberries.  My mom fell into the hobby later in her life, during an empty-nest crisis.  (She’s quite good.)  Between my grandma and my mom, I grew up eating cucumbers, green beans, onions, peppers, rhubarb, melon, dill, canned tomatoes, corn, and grapes.

The plot (ha ha puns) of this blog  is to archive the transformation of my small, hella jungle of a backyard from a Nashville weed pit to a sustainable fount of food, as well as to record my own progress towards becoming Master. Gardener

Currently a tangle of bad news. There may or may not be a few strands of mint hiding in there, planted by a previous tenant.

Gifts from the previous tenants. Grass, clover, and a stick.

What is your favorite vegetable to grow?  

Any advice for starting a garden from scratch?


3 responses to “The Plot

  1. I hope you can get the mint out of the plot! I hear it likes to spread out :) I am looking forward to watching your garden grow, Mary Mary (Katherine).

  2. :) This makes me smile-love being in touch with your life. Will be looking forward to watching your garden grow! Maybe I can pick up your green thumb in time for next summer. :)

  3. Katie, I’m so excited to be able to follow your blog and to witness some of that quality design and incredible writing talent! Feel free to comment on my own blog (I’ve been fiddling with the format), which is going to be a more personal experiment with living abroad. Keep the posts coming!

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