Herbal Remedy

Our dried basil has taken a hit since the move to Nashvegas.  Tim and I use basil in almost every veggie stir fry and meat dish we cook, so it’s no surprise Mama Sheila’s supply-of-plenty is running low.  (Please note that the oregano does not get that much lovin’. I had to grind  mass quantities of oregano this summer after hanging it to dry on an exercise bar for two months.  Now I’m just bitter.)

While grocery shopping this evening, I noticed that the pumpkins are on display in the Kroger parking lot.  The herbs, on the other hand, were in hiding.  Probably in the garbage. It is SEPTEMBER and no one buys herbs right now, right?


The holders are my great-great-aunt Monica’s. I feel very blessed to have this family heirloom!

Don’t worry, online did the trick.  I now have Genovese basil on the way to my yard.  Apparently it grows 18″-24″, but I’m going to force it to grow in the pretty blue pot on the right.  With enough cruel and unusual punishment, I might be able to convince it to be a midget basil.

When Tim gets out of school tomorrow we are heading over to the Vanderbilt Farmer’s Market.  I imagine the season is winding down for most of the farming folk out here, but we’ll be there anyway to poke through the slim pickins’.  We’re hoping to make baked sweet potato wedges this weekend, as well as start on a GARDENING PROJECT.  Check in this weekend for the surprise unveiling.  Hint:  It involves an antique window…


No, there’s no end to this punning madness.  Jk, jk.  I’m full of crop.

But I’m done now.  Seriously.


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