Farmers Market

Tim said I should tell you I grew all of these vegetables in our garden:

Well, duh.  Of course I grew these plump tomatoes and monstrous sweet potatoes.  Even though I wrote a few days ago that I recently decided to start a garden, I already managed to coax two full-grown tomatoes, a bundle of okra, two sweet potatoes, and some zucchini out of the grass in our backyard.  I’m magic, ya’ll.  Who needs a garden plot?  A shovel?  Seeds?

Not this green thumb.  I grew these vegetables with my mind.

After my job interview yesterday I walked to the Farmers Market  with plans to meet up with Tim after his Lit Theory class.  (Did I get lost on my way to the job interview?  Did I get lost walking through campus trying to find Tim’s building?  Did I generally get lost yesterday?  Yes, yes I did. Thank you for asking.)  The market consisted of  seven vendors selling vegetables, honey, flowers, cheese, meat, and milk.

I bought all of the vegetables at one stand, but snagged a bag of kale from a smaller table down the line.  Some wedding advice we received last month was to “Eat Broiled Kale!!”.  With that degree enthusiasm, how could we not? (We also have several kale recipes from family. It was time to splurge.)

Walking home from the Farmers Market with veggies in tow.

Tim and I sliced the tomatoes to put on our homemade pizza (mozzarella, sausage, basil, homemade dough) and tottered around the house impatiently waiting for the dough to bake.  (THICK crust.  Inches thick.)

We decided this pizza was only rivaled by the monster pizza we ate during football season last year at Rob & Janet’s ranch.  Miss those Nebraska days!


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