Basil Blues

You guys. This Monday morning’s weather has been a hot mess.  I woke up to a downpour and didn’t know how I’d slept in the first place. The AC is broken and the warmth of Tennessee has taken to collecting in the corners of our house.  Miserable.

Palm Reading

Genovese Basil. 120 seeds/.99 cents.

I waited for the rain to stop but shouldn’t have bothered.  It’s still cats and dogs out there.  If I’d planted beans and my name was Jack I’d have a giant mess right now.  In the end, I braved the rain and gathered potting soil, a blue planter (the remnant’s of last season’s plant went into the compost), a few rocks, and the seeds.  While outside I opened up the windows of the cold frame to allow the ground to soak.


I set up shop under the eaves of the porch. I layered a dozen small rocks (ie driveway gravel) in the bottom of the blue planter.  The rocks are intended to assist with drainage and help take up space, allowing me to use the potting soil conservatively.  According to Mom Legend, the layer of rocks also prevents the plant’s roots from rotting by creating a barrier for excess water.

Layer Layer Layer

Bottom of the fish bowl? Guess again.

Normally I would sprinkle a layer of compost on top of the rocks.  However, our compost isn’t hot enough right now.  We’ve only been composting for a few weeks and I have yet to turn it.  Also, it is raining.  No thank you.

Ready for some basil action

The seeds didn’t come with instructions, and the Internet wasn’t being very helpful, so I decided to wing it.  Genovese basil grows between 18-24″ tall do I spaced the seeds 3″ apart and planted them 1″ deep.  My intention is to use the blue planter as a starter location and transplant the seedlings into the 5 billion other random planters hanging out on the porch, in the yard, under the shed, next to the step, and so on, once they are a few weeks old.  When the weather gets colder I will bring the blue planter inside.  Mostly to make the house smell like an Italian pizza joint.

(By the way, I am making homemade bread right now and it is smelling like Grandma’s house in my kitchen.  If anyone’s in the neighborhood, come on over! Lunch is on me :)

Home for Basils

Home for Baby Basil

I dropped 1-2 seeds into each basil burrow and had roughly 100 seeds to spare.  Tomorrow I will plant a few seeds in the yard to see if any basil will grow before the cold weather.  I scooted the planter into the rain and let it soak naturally.

The basil seeds soaking up Nashville on tap at the end of the row. Next to the weeds. Don’t worry, I’ll do something about that. Eventually.

The rain stopped!  Wait, no it didn’t.  Never mind.

Have a wonderful Monday!



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