I messed up?

Woke up this morning to — guess what?  More rain?  Cool breeze? Pants? Sure thing.  It’s hard to believe my home state of Nebraska is dry as dust when Nashville gets drenched every few days or so.  I will never have to wash my car again. Or water my garden, probably.

After coffee and a Clif bar, I applied to a million jobs then retreated outside to grow green stuff.

Bring On The Garden Gloves

Bring on the gardening gloves (and the random blue watering can hiding behind some tulips?) 

The ground inside the cold frame was damp so I used the rest of the potting soil (from basil days) to build up the soil about 3 inches.  I had to break into a second bag of potting soil as well.



Filling In The Gaps

I used a random blue watering can (conveniently filled with rain water) to dampen the fresh soil, then began laying out the spinach bed.  I used my index finger to make 1/2″ holes spaced 2″ apart for half the frame.  Spinach plants love the cool, damp soil, so what a nice thing that Nashville rained for me.  Wow, how special.  I do feel good about tilling the ground under the cold frame beforehand though.   Spinach plants tend to send out a deep taproot and the loosened soil will only help the plants make purchase in the ground.

Spinach Seeds

70 seeds for .99 cents

Close Up

Home of the Seed

Land of the Spinach, Home of the Seed

I covered the spinach seeds with loose soil and re-watered the area. It looks like it could rain tonight so I might not have to make the arduous journey to the backyard for a second round of watering.  Maybe.

Now for the messing up part.

Rows aren’t really my thing.  So for the second half of the frame I maybe kinda squatted close to the ground and scattered lettuce seeds in a hey-nilly-nelly-wherever-I-pleased sort of way.  Honestly, it kind of felt/looked like I was scattering toenail clippings.  I threw some dirty dirt on top and watered until I felt good about it.

Spinach Bed

Spinach Bed. (Alternative Title: How I Should Have Planted the Lettuce, but Didn’t.)

Call it an experiment.  Call it ignorance.  Call it looking up the directions after the fact.  For those of you planting Romaine this season, I suggest planting the seeds 2″ apart, 1/4″ deep (I managed the latter!).  I might have to do some thinning in a few weeks, but I learned my lesson.  Kind of.  1,400 seeds for $1.25?  I might have a little wiggle room there ;)

Baby Steps

What appears to be backyard shenanigans are really just baby (spinach) steps. 





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