Tomatoes and Sunshine

Can I tell you about my awesome morning?  5-mile run, new books at the library, free lunch, interesting speaker (“Pop Spirituality: A Blessing or Curse for Hinduism?”), and a JOB OFFER!

Can’t  get much better than that.  Oh, wait.  It does. Because this afternoon… I planted tomatoes.

Tomato Seeds

The disc might look edible, but it’s not. Trust me.

When I ordered basil, spinach, and lettuce from the Interwebs, a free sample of large cherry tomato seeds arrived, too.  The tomato seeds came with a soil pack, which is somewhat of a new concept for me. I hunted down a planter, some warm water (so difficult), and soil, and hunkered down on the porch to watch the soil pack go from Point A:

Point A

Yum. Dirt candy.

…to Point B.

Point B

I soaked the candy soil pack in warm water for 5 minutes and dropped it into the bottom of the previous home of my beloved jade plant.  I sprinkled nine seeds onto the soil pack and prayed that only one would grow.  Realistically I can’t grow more than one or two tomato plants this winter.  Our house doesn’t get a lot of sunshine, and I wouldn’t be able to keep the tomato in the cold frame (height issues).  If all 9 of these babies start to grow…well… some might have to die.


The previous home of my jade plant. Just ignore the smile. I’m actually very sad. Well, kind of sad. A medium degree of sad.



Grabbing soil. Mostly squinting. I bet you can guess where my wrinkles are gonna be in about 30 years…

I covered the soil pack with 1/4″ dirt and watered it for good measure. The watering can got a little pour-happy and managed to get my phone and book as well.  I wrapped up my planting session by reading two chapters on the porch.  The sun was glorious, the autumn air equally so. The tomato instructions said to “Place near a window,” but I interpreted that to mean “Place near a basil.”  We all got our sunshine today!



What’s your favorite vegetable?

Are those soil packs weird, or what!?


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