Early Arrival

Guess what showed up in the cold frame this morning?

Lettuce Babies!

Good morning stretch :)

Lettuce babies!  Around twenty seedlings sprouted up on the right side of the cold frame.  No sign of the spinachyet.  I’ve been leaving the cold frame open at night and in the day because the temperatures are still very warm (80• today), but I’m still surprised the lettuce popped up this early.

The basil and tomatoes are also a no show.

(Thank goodness for lettuce!  Glad to know I’m watering with purpose now :)

Posing with the new arrivals

Posing with the new arrivals.

I made some homemade honey crunch peanut butter this morning and have plans to finish up Little Bee by Chris Cleave this afternoon.  Enjoying my last weekend as a job-less graduate before changing my title on Monday:  young professional. Boom.  Very proud of it.




2 responses to “Early Arrival

  1. Katie, congrats again on your job! I hope to hear more of the details soon, if we can find a time to talk. I can call you from my cell phone at pretty much any time, when I’m not in class (and only 12 hours a week at that)

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