Rosemary Harvest

Wow, what an awesome Sunday!  I wrote a few letters to some friends, received a phone call from France, baked bread, made zucchini pancakes, went to church, and…

Rosemary Harvest

Harvested rosemary.

Remember that tangle of rosemary I found in the backyard a few days ago?  It is now half of a tangle.

Rosemary Tangle

Alternative blog title: Rosemary’s Babies
No, no…just ignore me.

Drying Rosemary

I snipped around 20 shoots of rosemary from the mother load.  There is a TON of rosemary hanging out in the backyard, but I don’t need it all.  Because rosemary is a perennial, I left the majority of the plant alone to help it weather the winter.  (Although judging by its size, the plant shouldn’t have any problem :)


Okay, if you think the word “rosemary” a lot, it starts to sound weird. Like, is it REALLY called “rosemary”? Did I just make that name up?

I washed the bugs and spider webs out in the sink, and the place started smelling like lamb.  The scent lured Tim out of his study lair and we had a nice 2-minute convo about Puerto Ricans fighting in the Vietnam war.  I should harvest rosemary more often, yes?


Killing bugs and taking names.

I dried the rosemary on a cookie sheet with paper towels, though a properly equipped rosemary harvester might use a salad spinner.  As it is, this newlywed used her kitchen appliance allowance on a food processor (to make homemade peanut butter, whaa???).

Drying rosemary

Drying station

I found two brown paper bags from a previous wine purchase and cut ten holes in each of the sides.  The purpose of the bag is to prevent dust and bugs from settling on the drying rosemary.  I was a little leery of mold forming the branches, so I opted to allow some air to travel in and out of the bag (while still preventing the dust bowl).


My Sunday best? Possibly.

AIr Flow

Lettin’ the air flow

I used rubber bands to bind the rosemary into two large clumps.  It felt a little like tying Christmas pine boughs.  I asked Tim for some string. He came up with dental floss.  Works.  I bagged the rosemary and used Tim’s floss to string it to a clothes hanger.

Rubber Band it

Drying Rosemary

It might look like I’m holding chicken drumsticks … Really, I’m not.  I swear.

I’ll store the rosemary in a warm, dry place (laundry room) for about 2 weeks, or until it is completely dried.  I know every time I do a load of laundry I’ll have a craving for chicken.

Drying Rosemary

Yikes, that could be a problem…


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