My Thumbs Are (Light) Green

I know it’s officially autumn when I wake up at 5:50am, boil water on the stove, and hunch over it like a campfire.  Just warming my hands and sipping hot water before heading out the door, no big thing.  I remembered at the last second to call out to the sleeping lump behind me: “Hey,  will you water the children?”

Just kidding about the children part.

Halloween's Approach

Halloween is sneaking up on our bean & rice piles…

This week is the first time I’ve felt progress in the gardening department.  After work, I checked on the lettuce, spinach, basil, and tomato seeds.  Guess what?






Where in the World is Basil NashDiego? (It’s there– peer closely, friends :)

Only the tomato seeds are out for the count.  Things are happening, people. This is big.

Sometime this weekend I am buying the Nashville Lunatics a bench.  Winter is coming (ya’ll have heard it before) so we need an indoor plant station to carry on the basil charm.  And tomatoes, if they ever show up to the party.  Our house plants are also seeking to relocate.  The aloe vera never gets sun (and is staging a protest called Occupy Death), and the airplane plant gets its leaves fried in the microwave.  A bench under the bedroom window will solve some space issues and liven up the blah-iest bedroom on this planet.

Hangry Face

This is my hangry face. (Hungry + Angry = My Face) After work I watered the children and tore up the pavement on my way to the grocery store. It was 6pm and the only thing in the fridge was squash and butter. I. Needed. Free. Samples. And groceries.

What is your hangry food?  (The food you NEVER eat except when you’re starving your face off)?

Peanuts on the airplane.  I never really want them, but I always eat them because I am sooooo huuuuungry.

What time do you usually wake up in the morning?


7 responses to “My Thumbs Are (Light) Green

  1. Yesterday I drove to Five Guys for a greasy burger. Not even on my lady time. Just needed it. It was just me and some blue collar trucker dudes in there, scarfing down our meat. You know, like a normal small woman.

    • Yep, cheeseburgers are another hangry food item (though I’ve never been to Five Guys. Yet). Add halloween candy to the list. You crave it all year long, but when you finally eat it… meh.

  2. Katie! I wanted to tell you that I am planning an autumnal dinner this weekend because I am craving things that feel like fall. On the menu: butternut squash soup, stewed leg of lamb with mint and rosemary new potatoes and carrots, apple pie for dessert, and my friend Rakshya’s Nepalese chai tea, if I can get her to explain to me for the thousandth time how to make it…

    • Wow, Colleen! Your autumn meal sounds amazing. Let me know how the preparation goes, especially the lamb. I have recently fallen in love with chai tea myself, though making it BLOWS MY MIND! I haven’t even considered doing it myself… Next project? :)

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