Midnight Beans

Yesterday was a day of firsts:  first run with a Nashville native, first game of cribbage in the new place, first time Tim has made granola…

And first time planting in the dark!

Midnight Beans

We were (lit’rally) running all over the place yesterday, so when we finally settled down at around 9pm, I asked Tim if he wanted to help me plant some beans.  I have a lot of seeds (free and otherwise) thanks to the SeedsNow.com survey, and I wanted to plant as many things as possible before Mother Natured turned down Nashville’s thermostat.

Tim holding the remains of mums

Tim holding the remains of mums

Tim soaking the beans

Tim soaking the beans with a devious expression

I planted 6 beans 2″ apart, 1.5″ in to the soil.  Similar to the basil, I solidified the bottom of the planter with a layer of rocks from the driveway.  Afterwards I checked on the spinach and lettuce.  The lettuce is very much taking over the cold frame!

Head lamping it

Feeling the American Conservation Corps love!

A game of cribbage, a batch of granola, rising bread, throwing together the next day’s lunch, and sleep followed our mini bean adventure.


I won :)


Lunch: bean and squash salad with a lemon. I brought homemade trail mix of almonds, raisins, and chocolate for a snack :)

What is your favorite board game?

Scrabble.  Hands down.  My  mom and I play it all the time when I’m home.

What is the typical lunch you pack for work?




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