Progress Report

The spinach is growing like grass.  (Seriously, doesn’t it look like grass!?)  I’m crossing my fingers that those leaves fill out and become more spinach-like.  Hey guys, no big deal, just growing grass in cold frames down here.  A little salad topper.  I’m thinking green croutons or something.

Spinach? Grass?

Grass? Spinach? Grinach?

Big weekend discovery:  I thought we found Rosemary in the backyard last week.  Nope, just Rosemary’s Babies.

Meet Rosemary Monster

Meet Rosemary Monster

Meet the REAL Rosemary.  This giant herb/shrub/monster (?!) has been growing next to our house long before I moved to Nashville, and I’ve dismissed it (or hit it with the car) every time I’ve pulled out of the driveway.  Tim wants to sell dried rosemary on the side of the road next summer.  I want to stop paying rent and live under the rosemary monster for free.  We decided over homemade sausage pizza that neither option was going to work for us. Not even a compromise, people.

The tomatoes, basil, lettuce, and spinach are all off to a great start:

Tomatoes Sprouts

Well, now, look at these young tomato sprouts!


(Lotsa) Lettuce

Basil & Tomato

A tomato seed escaped to the basil planter. Don’t know how that happened?

What I didn’t get to this weekend:

  • Finding a bench for  transitioning the basil & tomatoes indoors
  • Transplanting tomatoes
  • Turning compost

What I DID do this weekend:

  • Held a (cutie-pie) baby
Nap Time

Nap time for the children? :)


  • Finished Sweatember  (& celebrated w/ a peanut butter & banana smoothie)
Sweatember board

Sweatember board — finished!

Have a great week, ya’ll!




5 responses to “Progress Report

  1. What was sweatember? Did I miss the post on that? Have you heard of green smoothies? That’s what I’d make with a lawn of spinach.

    • My friend just mentioned green smoothies to me yesterday! The first I’ve heard of such liquids. I’ll have to try? Sweatember was our attempt to get into shape after a lazy August. We tried to sweat/work out everyday during the month of September. (Although we counted stretching one day– that was kind of lame.) I do feel more in shape though! Tim suggested Beertober for October… ha.

  2. Your mother is making a killing with her cherry mayders, they ripen faster than you can pick and eat them.

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