Bean there…

Birthday celebration! 7-mile run with a new jogging friend. Used bookstore. Bottle of Vinho Verde.  Farmers’ market. Long day at work. Cinnamon pancakes for supper. Laundry.

Phew!  Now you’re all caught up on the Nashville scene. Sorry I’ve been MOB for a few days, but here’s something to make you feel better…

Tomato SproutI transplanted the tomato sprouts after work today!  Of the five or six seedlings that grew from the weird soil packet (remember that jankiness?) I managed to transplant two of them into the overgrown planters on the porch.  (I emptied that moss pit into the compost, no worries.)



Step 1: Separate the Family

Forest in a Pot

Step 2: Find the Four-Leaf Clover, Dump the Rest and Run


Step 3: Consider the Odd Stick the Neighbors Left Behind

A Second Tomato Sprout

Step 4: Expose Some Roots

Step 5: Goodbye Family, Hello Loneliness

Transplanted Tomato

Step 6: Grow Up

Watching a French movie this evening called Time of the Wolf. (Shout out to my reader in France! — hey you!) This weekend will be a full one– two evening meals with different (new) acquaintances and the Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival on Saturday.  I hope to get some running (sore ankle—cross your fingers!), writing, and reading (Blood Wedding by Garcia Lorca) time in as well.

I leave you with the beans.

Bean Here.

Bean Here, Grew That.






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