Wined and Dined

Friday’s mail brought Tim a bag of pistachios and a birthday card with a dog sitting on a baby.  Signs of an awesome weekend to come? Oh yes.

Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to an Awesome Weekend


After work I took a long walk to an exciting neighborhood two miles away from my own.  I caught up with my family via phone and, at the local Bongo Java, checked in with my pal Garcia Lorca.

Friday Afternoon

The real tragedy in this picture is the chai tea. Glad I spent $2.30 on yuck.

On my walk back, I got this text:

  • Tim:  Idea train:  we should get a porch swing or a hammock for our backyard.
  • Me:  Idea train: we should get a dog

No answer. Hmmm….still hope, right?

Friday night was a wining & dining affair.  A few of Tim’s friends from the department invited us over for a meal, which really meant a feast for kings.  3″ thick steaks marinated in ginger and sesame oil, grilled onions and mushrooms, bread, cheese, and sausage, wine and beer.  The food was A+, and the company was even better.  Tim and I are still walking around with bug eyes from the degree of amazingness that was our Friday night.


Despite ingesting a cow eight hours earlier, I managed to be at the gates of Percy Warner Park by 7am with Tim in tow.

Percy Warner

Did I escape from prison with this outfit? Perhaps.

The trails were far better than I anticipated.  Only a handful of fellow hikers and some steep, wooded hills with winding dirt paths makes for the perfect hiking environment.  We walked 4 miles at a turtle’s pace (you’re welcome). I acted as scout and ran ahead to sniff out the path.

Percy Warner Park

Found it

Your prison guard tour guide. This way.

Saturday night we invited some of our new Japanese friends over for fajitas and chips.  They one-upped us by bringing delicious homemade sushi (five kinds!), gummy Japenese ice cream, and chop sticks.  SO good!  We had a great conversation about Japanese traditions and American holidays.

Welcome Sign

Welcome Ken & Saeri!

Enjoy your Sunday!



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