Cheekwood Gardens

So. My husband didn’t receive an enchanted forest for his birthday…

Cheekwood Mosaic

But close.

To add an extra sprinkle of awesomeness to an A+ weekend, Tim and I drove over to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens on Sunday afternoon to check out the perks of a year-long membership, a birthday gift from his parents (!!!!)  Turns out it’s a little like getting shoved into a Disney movie. In a good way.

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

Behold the splendor of Nashville’s Cheekwood Botanical Gardens! Pretty rocks, pretty pool, pretty vase, pretty. Snazzy.

Cheekwood is the bee’s knees.  The grounds are vast and include several different gardens, scarecrows,  a sculpture hike, and a mansion.  Smack in the middle of the place.  Posing as an art museum/destination wedding zone.


The flowers at Cheekwood don’t know it’s fall yet.


View from the balcony of luxury

We wandered around for the gardens for an hour and retreated to the art museum for a final loop before Cheekwood closed.  I didn’t think the art was amazing, but the mansion/museum put on a good show.  It kind of felt like I had wandered into Downton Abbey during Season 1.  I wish.


Random magical vase

Can’t wait to go back…(this weekend!? Hopefully?)!  Hope ya’ll are having an awesome week.  Tomorrow is my favorite day, but here is a late preview of my Awesome Monday, Eh Tuesday, Awful Wednesday, and Hungry Thursday…

A scholarly lad

A scholarly lad

Ha! Just gave to you.  See you tomorrow, ya’ll!


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