The weather is getting brisk in Nashville, alternating between “leave-the-plants-be” degrees and “throw-’em-in-the-house” degrees.  Very confusing.  So far the indoor set-up consists of tomatoes and basil underneath the bedroom window, and a tomato beneath the living room window.  The lima beans will be sacrificed to the weather.

Dim Tomato

I have a lot of doubts about the survival rate of these inside/outside plants.  This morning I threw them back on the porch in 73• cloud-cover with sprinkling raindrops. Within the last week (basically since I transplanted the tomatoes), there has been a major growth shortage.  Possibly they are already dead.


Remember that bench I was looking for? Found a chair instead. Scrambling here…

Still haven’t found any tins or plates (word search brain fart here?) to put under the planters.  Makes it hard to water indoors for fear of leakage onto the wood floor and chair.  Gotta get on that.

FREE Fun Things This Weekend:

  • Watching the documentary film Samsara at Belcourt Theater
  • 2 beers at a tailgate party
  • Vandy Game (w/ parachutes!?)
  • Nashville Zoo & Picnic

That’s a lot of free in one weekend.

Parachute carrying game ball

One Minute Before This Pic:
Me: He’s not going to make it
Tim: Nope
Me: He’s going to land in the parking lot…
Tim: I’d say more like the Kroger at Green Hills
Me: Dang


Oh, hey.


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