Bad Day… Gotcha

I woke up at 5am against my will. And I was not chipper, if you were wondering. Halfway to work I realizedI left my phone on the dresser.  And I forgot my iPod.  Also on the dresser.  (We can listen to This American Life tunes at work.) Halfway to the job site I got stopped by a train.  An endless train. Sat and listened to WPLN try to slurp a donation out of me.

But then we got champagne at work so my bad day was reversed.  Freebie. I’ll take it.

I have a nibbler in the backyard.  Apparently I’m growing spinach for the rabbits.  Or the squirrels.  Or the neighbor’s dog?  I’m soooooo glad it left a leaf for my future garden salad.  How nice.

But I got champagne at work!  So it doesn’t matter!


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