Spinach Spaces

I don’t know why I have energy today, but I decided to take advantage of it.  I went grocery shopping in normal clothing (ie not pajamas), cleaned the bathroom, made granola, wrote a bazillion letters to random people I miss (this could be you), opened the windows, and GARDENED. Yeah, hard to believe.

Spinach pebbles

After harvesting some little green things, I went to work filling in some of the spinach spaces with…wait for it… more spinach.  I planted around 30 more seeds in the blank spaces and managed a small bag of salad supplies for the suppertime.

Gaping Blank Spaces. How. Did. This. Happen.

I should have just brought my blue cheese dressing outside with me…

After the harvest, I unlocked our batman shed and found the shovel.  Garlic time.

Dirt, Home for Garlic. Address: Next to Cold Frame, In Front of Fence. Yard. Nashville.

Non-garlic related picture of someone’s husband mowing the dead yard with an old-timey mower.

Tips on How to Plant A Garlic

  • My green thumb of a mother told me– DO NOT PLANT GARLIC CLOVES FROM THE GROCERY STORE.  Obviously I didn’t listen because I am still young and deaf. SO, we shall see if anything breaks from the soil in April.
  • Plant three inches deep, about six inches apart.
  • Make sure you plant the flat side of the clove downward.  I know this is confusing, because duh there are several flat parts of a garlic, but just look here. These people also said soak garlic in seaweed, so everything I just told you could be wrong. (WHO has seaweed right now? WHO?)
  • Water Water Water all Winter

Warding Off Vampires, One Garden Plot at a Time

I also planted a little pot of basil to hang out in the laundry room, but that is neither here nor there.

Art Crawl tonight! Woop-woop!

Proud of my little salad bag!

What is your favorite thing to do or accomplish when you have an unexplained burst of energy?

For me, it’s making a To-Do list and actually doing it!

Has anyone tried soaking garlic in seaweed before planting it? 



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