Coffee Break

Coffee Break

There are so many reasons for a coffee break today — the iron-colored cast of the sky, the washing machine rumbling in the back room, or the fact that it’s a Sunday afternoon.  Or maybe it’s because we haven’t talked in awhile!

If we were sitting across from one another at the kitchen table, sipping coffee, I’d have to tell you about the lettuce patch in our backyard.  I’ve harvested one bundle of spinach and three big bowls of lettuce from the cold frame over the course of this winter.  I probably have one more bowl of lettuce waiting for me in the yard (and some errant spinach leaves) before I will replant more spinach.

Lettuce Harvest

Cold Frame Harvest

If we were taking a coffee break, I’d tell you that the highlight of last weekend was seeing a good friend who visited from Chicago.  She (very bravely) hopped on a Megabus and slept on our couch for a few days while we explored the Nashville sites together.  We visited the Parthenon in Centennial Park, sampled Nashville’s best Indian food, hiked the tree-covered hills of Percy Warner, and viewed the documentary Soul Food Junkies that was playing at the Downtown library. She also took me out for a long-overdue girls shopping trip!  Shirts, pants, shoes, and the scarf I’m “modeling” below — the whole gamut.  Nashville ladies are very trendy, and I have half a chance of blending in now ;)  (Rule #1– no t-shirts!)

Have a great week!

My coffee is half gone, and yours must be too. I have only enough time to tell you about my treadmill before we both go back to our Sunday afternoons. The cold weather, general traffic, and dislike of running alone in a new city helped me make the decision to track down a cheap treadmill via Craigslist.  The ability to wake up at 5:30am and run without having to worry about the daylight or an unexpected Tennessee rain shower was a big draw.   Silly me, though!  My husband thought the treadmill would fold up and fit into my small silver car, and I believed him!  Yeesh. Several days of head scratching and driving and hitting my forehead in exasperation later, the treadmill arrived in all its glory.  Completely worth the trouble.  I’ve fallen in love with the treadmill — something I never thought possible.  (Still haven’t managed the ‘mill at 5:30am yet;  being a better morning person is a goal-in-progress.)


View of the treadmill and a happy runner!

*I’ve taken a leaf from the wonderful Eat, Live, Run blog, whose author regularly catches up with her readers via the coffee chat format. Thanks ELR!




2 responses to “Coffee Break

  1. You’re back! I am drinking a coffee as I read this, so it’s very fitting. Glad to see my favorite garden writer (and over-all great writer) is back on the blogsphere.

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