Out with the Lettuce, In with the Spinach

I picked the last of the lettuce in the cold frame for Sunday’s lunch (dressed it up with brussels sprouts, blue cheese, and carrots for a wonderful post-church meal) and immediately set about weeding lettuce roots.  I’m READY for some home-grown spinach.

Spinach Seeds

Spinach Seeds

Out with the Lettuce (Roots)

Out with the Lettuce (Roots)

The last round of spinach was sparsely planted.  I saved half of the spinach seeds to plant in November when I really should have planted all of it in September.  This time I used the entire pack of spinach seeds and scattered them about an inch apart (rather than 3″).  I also planted basil along the edges of the frame.  Basil doesn’t care for the cool weather like spinach does, but I wanted to see if basil can survive the cold frame first rather than dying via transition.

The sparse half of the spinach patch

The sparse half of the spinach patch

Wishful thinking, probably.  But wouldn’t fresh basil in homemade tomato soup taste wonderful???

Happy Sunday

Happy gardening!

Have you tried any awesome spinach dishes lately?

Favorite herb? 

-Basil is my all-time favorite, mostly because I love the smell.  It reminds me of summers in my hometown and homemade chili — two of my favs!




2 responses to “Out with the Lettuce, In with the Spinach

  1. I’m thinking its time for another one of your delicious winter veggie-based recipes. What do you like to eat in February? What are good soups to make at this time of year? Can you give me a good spicy chili recipe? I want to make chili for Hedi with a kick to it

    I really like fresh parsley, although I’m not sure that counts as an herb? :) Because you can just eat it…

  2. Hello! I think you’re right about the winter-based veggie recipes. February is SOUP TIME! Funny you should ask for the spicy chili, because we made some on Thursday… recipe on the way!

    Parsley IS an herb, although some plant varieties are also viewed as root vegetables. (Very common in Eastern Europe, I believe.) It depends on the parsley group you are using in your cooking — Leaf or Root. Hope that helps!

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