Tomatoes & Love (The Weekend In Pictures)


Tomato seeds

I planted two tomato seeds I found in the bottom of the green toolbox.  I wasn’t expecting much.  They were old seeds and I pilfered the potting soil from the cold frame.  Every plant that has rested on the kitchen window sill has died. Why try?

So glad I did, marigolds. After a short (wonderful, heartwarming) trip to Clarksville on Sunday to visit a dear friend, I arrived home to find baby tomato sprouts checking out the afternoon sunlight.

Bouquet of Flowers

Dozen Roses

On Thursday, I came home from work to find a dozen paper & jar roses and a note from my love.  It was the best surprise and all the more meaningful because not a penny was spent.  Just time and creativity and thought.  (Our Valentine’s Day was a trip to the symphony.  Presents were neither expected nor required.) Yeesh, what a guy!

Standing Desk

Standing Desk

Marigolds, my butt is starting to look like the seat of a chair.  I have a job that requires sitting for 8 hours and breathing for exercise.  Last week I started standing at work (sitting only for lunch), and let me tell you, there’s no going back.  I sway, I pace a little, I tap my toe— SO active (eye roll)… but it’s better than nothing.  I’ve stopped feeling like a lazy pile, I’m more focused, and my butt will hopefully start looking normal again.  ;)  Anyway, my husband (who also sits all day for school) decided we should integrate the standing workplace into our own home routine.  Bring on the His and Hers dresser-desks! I use the small dresser on the left for computer work, and the big dresser for clothes.  (Tim is vice versa.)  So far it’s a nice arrangement and our kitchen table has stopped looking like this:

Thank goodness this is done with...

Thank goodness this is done with.

Homemade Pizza

Pizza Love

Pizza Love

How do you celebrate Valentine’s day?

Do you like standing and working?

—YES.  I’d love to use a treadmill desk at work.  I’m not sure I could write/compose while using it though.




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