Shakespeare & Spinach

Such a whirlwind weekend, marigolds!   The best lentil soup on the planet, 8 miles in the books (those crazy Tennessee hills…), curry and a Japanese film with some friends, actors from the the London stage performing Hamlet, and gardening.

This is what happens when a weekend in February feels like spring!

Spinach Harvest

After harvesting the spinach for tonight’s salmon, rice & okra supper, I set to work preparing the ground for a batch of Autumn carrots.  I spread compost on the left side of the cold frame (right side is currently occupied by baby spinach sprouts) and mixed it with the dampened soil.  I planted around 30 seeds using the triangle method and plan on paring down the shoots if they grow to close.

Carrot seeds

Left side of cold frame... can you spot the carrot seed?

Left side of cold frame… can you spot the carrot seed?

Right side of the cold frame= new spinach crop!

Right side of the cold frame= new spinach crop!

This weekend my parents and brother will be visiting me in the Music City.  I have a big itinerary lined up for them, but hopefully we will get a lot of time to relax and enjoy our time together.  On the docket: Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, country music, Lynchburg, and the Brazilian steakhouse Bombasha!

Do your parents visit you no matter what city you live in, or is it up to you to head back home for family time?

What did your faux spring weekend look like?  Any fun outdoor activities?

-A run to the pedestrian bridge with Tim.  Very sunny, lots of tourists, and even more HILLS. <– Yuck.





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